Logo PG

The company PG vyrobni spolecnost was founded in November 1994.

Our service includes:

  • production and completion of components / modules / devices, mainly in the area of electrical engineering, but also in related branches. All of the devices meet the current standards

  • modules or devices are completely mounted and tested and supplied according to current standards

Quality connects…

We confection and produce cables according to individual specifications for renowned companies: special cables, special confections for the electrical equipment industry, data and telecommunications engineering, medical technology, measuring and control technology, mechanical engineering and for the lamp and automobile industry.

  • production of cable harnesses in any size, with all plugs and sockets already mounted

  • processing of cables and plug and socket connections in any length and design

  • completion of devices

Phone: +420 474 624 364 / Fax:+420 474 624 866 / E-mail: pgspol@pgspol.cz